CipherDA 2.1
Encrypt every text field data with strong 128-bit IDEA crypto
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What is CipherDA?

First of all, CipherDA is a DA version of Cipher by Holger Klawitter. Cipher is a program that lets you encrypt every text fields usable text (e.g. DateBook appointments, Expense report items, complete MemoPad notes) with the very strong IDEA algorithm by Ascom.

There are a couple of benefits of Cipher compared to every other encryption program on the Palm. The most important one is that you can encrypt virtually anything. The next most important benefit is that it was developed in Germany and so the brain-dead export restrictions (that have been lifted but nobody in the US was told about that apparently) donīt apply. IDEA is a strong 128-bit encryption scheme that has not yet been broken.

The benefit of CipherDA compared to the standard app version of Cipher is that you can invoke it very fast and without leaving the application you are working with. Just use Swipe as your DA launcher and youīll see how fast and easy it is.

Donīt rely on the built-in security of the PalmOS platform. This is only a simple mechanism to protect your employer from accidentally viewing your private data that you might have stored on a company-owned Palm device. You can "hack" this security within seconds. Use Cipher or CipherDA and your private data stays private.


  • Small (7K)
  • Free - comes with sources
  • 128-bit IDEA encryption.
  • Copies the marked text automatically into CipherDA. No explicit Clipboard use neccessary.
  • Automatic fallback: if you decrypt a text you encrypted with an old version of this program, CipherDA will detect this.
Latest News
  • Sep 15, 2000 -- Included CipherDA in the web site.
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