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  Yanoff Java Conduit
by Jan-Pascal van Best
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What does this conduit do?

The GPL conduit from Jan-Pascal van Best is easy to install under 32-bit Windows and syncs the databases of an existent Yanoff 1.4 installation on your Palm Computing Device. It gets its information from the configuration databases of Yanoff so there is no need to configure the conduit.

The conduit connects to the specified NNTP servers during HotSync and installs the new articles on your device. You'll find all software to run the conduit on Jan-Pascal's site.

If you have questions concerning the Yanoff Java Conduit, please contact Jan-Pascal via email.


  • Based on Java.
  • GPL software
  • Supports Yanoff 1.4
  • Gets articles from NNTP-Servers
  • Can send eMail messages and news articles
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