Short Yanoff FAQ

Why donīt you have a POP feature?

Yanoff specializes in newsreading. Reading (and sending) eMail is a completely different matter. Because of this and because there is a really very cool and free (GPL) POP client available, Yanoff doesnīt support POP and wonīt. If you want to get this cool POP client, try GNU GotMail from Chris Faherty.

I downloaded Version 1.2 but the About box shows version 1.101. Why?

Because I messed up this release totally. I included an old version and donīt know how this could happen. You should download the archive once again.

Sometimes when I try to download articles I get "Error 423". What does that mean?

This is one of the error codes that NNTP server send. 423 means "no such article in this group". This normally happens, when there are articles in a group that have a custom expiration date set and reside some time there. Then, expire will remove articles that are too old, but not these with such an expiration date set. This results in an article list with gaps in numbering.

Letīs say, there are articles on the server from number 1000 up to 2000. Article 1000 has an expiration date and will reside longer than article 1001 without one. Now the numbering has a gap: 1000, 1100, 1101 etc. (1001 up to 1099 have expired).

Now Yanoff enters the group and the server tells it how many articles are there and the lowest article number and the highest. Now he starts downloading articles at 1000, then 1001. Oops. It has expired. The news server sends "423" and Yanoff quits due to server error.

This was meant as a feature but is already fixed in version 1.02. Yanoff now will only print a "?" instead of the "h b" and silently proceed with the next article.

I donīt have a PalmModem. Can I use Yanoff, though?

Yanoff uses the internet protocol NNTP to get the UseNet articles into the deviceīs memory. So your Palm needs an internet connection to an NNTP server.

If you have a modem installed in or attached to your computer, you can use it to build up an internet connection. All you need is PilotNet. PilotNet will allow you to use your modem with the Palm while your Palm is in the cradle. After you installed PilotNet you have to configure your Palm for internet connections. See the manual for details.

Another program you might try is Mocha PPP.

Why canīt I connect to the news server?

There are some news servers that have multiple IP addresses assigned to one domain name. One example is the german T-Online service but there are several other examples. Obviously there is a problem resolving an IP address for these domain names. I donīt know whether it is caused by the Palm API or by my lack of programming skills but as soon as I get a clue Iīll include it in this text.

The only workaround to deal with this problem is: enter the (one) IP address of the server in the field that contains the server address. For T-Online this can be any address in the range between and

Matthias Jordan<>